Summer Show Series: Bit Regulations

Show season is upon us, and we know how important it is to follow the rules of each event. Here are some tips on getting the ideal bit to enter shows without fear of disqualification.  The Mouthpiece Must Be Smooth  This means no coils, ridges, links, carvings, wire wrappings, twists, or spurs are permitted to […]

Bits 101 – Mouthpiece Styles

The most important thing to remember when it comes to selecting a bit is that every horse has different needs, and that not every type of bit will work for every horse. You may need to try a few options before finding the perfect fit. When it comes to Western bits, there are two main […]

Walt Woodard’s Bit Tips

World Champion Team Roper Walt Woodard has taught roping schools for riders of all levels for more than 40 years. One thing he’s noticed, over and over again, is a lack of knowledge around proper bitting.  Bits should be based on a number of factors including the horse’s age, temperament, training level, and the rider’s […]

Bits 101 – Sizing

Finding the right bit for your horse can feel overwhelming. Proper bit fit is based on a number of factors including your horse’s age, temperament, training level, and your own experience level. And there are so many bits to choose from – Metalab alone makes nearly 300!  That’s why we’re giving you some Bit 101 […]