Summer Show Series: Bit Regulations

Show season is upon us, and we know how important it is to follow the rules of each event. Here are some tips on getting the ideal bit to enter shows without fear of disqualification. 

The Mouthpiece Must Be Smooth 

This means no coils, ridges, links, carvings, wire wrappings, twists, or spurs are permitted to be on a horse’s bit while competing. Everything, including the port, should be non-abrasive and flush with the bar. This keeps competition fair while preventing any use of extra harsh equipment. 

Know Your Sizes

Depending on the show and the event you’re participating in, the required dimensions of your equipment will vary. What may be acceptable for barrel racing would raise red flags in roping, and what may be okay at your local competition would be unacceptable at the NHS. So, it’s important to know the measurements of everything you plan to compete in. 

Material Matters

Some shows will not accept any rope or chains attached to your horse’s mouth piece; they prefer gentler, more flexible material like leather. Making sure you’re conscious of the types of ties you attach to your horse could save you time and effort while competing.

Know Yourself and Your Strengths

During show season, it’s easy to compare yourself to other riders. You’ll see their skills and equipment and want to try it yourself, but it’s important that you have the knowledge and training to do it properly. If you don’t, you may misuse gear, which could lead to disqualification or injury. Go into show season this year feeling confident in your own unique skills, and you’ll have no problem!

Stay tuned as we take you through show season, we’ll be giving you our tips for success all summer long! To ensure you meet the above criteria for your events, check out our website; we have tons of regulation-following equipment to keep you feeling stress-free and ready before competing.