Why Spurs Should be Taken Seriously

Western riding contains many different disciplines with varying techniques and skill sets, and spurs are used in each one of them. It’s amazing that one instrument is able to communicate so many different messages in a variety of settings, but how do they work? And why do so many riders wear them?  Well, much like […]

Summer Show Series: Bit Regulations

Show season is upon us, and we know how important it is to follow the rules of each event. Here are some tips on getting the ideal bit to enter shows without fear of disqualification.  The Mouthpiece Must Be Smooth  This means no coils, ridges, links, carvings, wire wrappings, twists, or spurs are permitted to […]

6 Tips for First-Time Riders

6 Tips for First-Time Riders It takes courage to ride a horse for the first time. Whether you’re riding a horse on vacation or starting to ride horses as a new hobby, here are six tips to help you feel confident as a first-time rider. Courtesy of Horseandrider.com | Michaela Jaycox Tip #1: Wear the […]