Partrade Brands

Over 65 Year of Dedication

Our success is founded on true dedication to selecting innovative products.

Affordable, top-quality equipment for all riders, from very inexperienced up to competition level. 

Lami-Cell sets itself apart with an exceptional and well-rounded line of equestrian products. Top-quality collections include bags, clothing, shoes, and helmets for every day and show use. Lami-Cell also offers a full line of horse apparel. Elite horse blankets, saddle pads, halters, protective legwear, supple leather strap good, and accessories.

Each product is designed using the finest materials with an extraordinary eye for design and detail. Superior products for both horse and rider.

Safe in the field and safe in the stable is the commitment of Equi-Sky equipment. From bright, breakaway halters, easy-to-size blankets to comfortable stirrups that bring comfort and ease to the riding experience for you and horse alike.

Equi-Sky equipment is perfect for protecting your horse during events and in the stable.

The most extensive selection of bits, spurs, and stirrups. Each product is made from the finest materials and is extensively tested by professionals to ensure superior quality and long-lasting performance. When you’re buying Metalab, you’re buying quality.

The Metalab Brand is for any discipline or training purpose.

Combine world-leading innovations with hi-tech materials in lightweight, weatherproof and easy-care saddles, it’s easy to see why Wintec is the World’s number one synthetic saddle brand.

The comprehensive Wintec range offers not only cutting edge designs, but new standards in fit, comfort and performance benefits for both horse and rider.

English or western. Dressage or roping. There is a Wintec saddles that keeps you comfortable in your sport.

Born from the innovations, created in Lami-Cell, V22 stands today as a premier equipment for protecting the longevity of active horses.

Most notable is V22’s line of boots, with its patented Coolite quick-dry neoprene, protect a horse’s legs from excessive sweat or heat build up. Extending the quality of life to the animals we love so much.

Whether designed to shield and support tendons, knees or fetlocks, V22 products are a boon to horses across all disciplines, protecting them against concussion, interference, friction and skid burns.

The Cowboy Tack brand represents the lifestyle of the cowboy. Those who rode and worked the ranch took the best of what they had learned from their own experiences and applied it to the development of rugged and functional leather work.

Functionality and creative design have always been a hallmark of the brand.