Walt Woodard’s Bit Tips

World Champion Team Roper Walt Woodard has taught roping schools for riders of all levels for more than 40 years. One thing he’s noticed, over and over again, is a lack of knowledge around proper bitting. 

Bits should be based on a number of factors including the horse’s age, temperament, training level, and the rider’s experience level, but Walt would frequently see riders just using whatever bit they had leftover from a previous horse. 

That lack of knowledge is what led Walt to create a simple, logical, step-by-step bit system designed to help educate riders and improve performance.

The first two bits in his series are the O-ring snaffle bit and D-ring snaffle bit

In Western riding, snaffle bits are most often meant for a young horse, or a horse that’s just beginning training. They’re simply meant to get a horse used to following its nose as its head is being guided.

The two styles of snaffle bit are very similar, though D-rings distribute the pressure evenly, while O-rings gives a bit more of a sharp feel on the corners.

You can learn more about Walt’s step-by-step bit collection here, or shop it here.