Walt Woodard’s Roper’s Bit Collection

Living Legend Walt Woodard knows a thing or two about the importance of communication between horse and rider. He’s qualified for the NFR more than 15 times, holds two world titles, and is considered to be one of the best ropers in the industry.  Throughout his career, Walt’s also taught roping schools for riders of […]

How to pick the right bit for your horse

How to pick the right bit for your horse Not all snaffles are the same! Here’s how to select the best bit for your horse. Courtesy of EQUUS You know you want a snaffle, but there are so many options! Loose ring or dee? Straight bar or jointed? Smooth or slow twist? This volume of […]

J.D. Yates’ Hackamore Secrets

J.D. Yates’ Hackamore Secrets How J.D. Yates has used hackamores to keep his horses soft, in the bridle and at the pay window, again and again. Courtesy of Team Roping Journal | CHELSEA SHAFFER J.D. Yates is the undisputed king of the modern era of the mechanical hackamore—a tool he has relied on to win […]