Walt Woodard’s Roper’s Bit Collection

Living Legend Walt Woodard knows a thing or two about the importance of communication between horse and rider. He’s qualified for the NFR more than 15 times, holds two world titles, and is considered to be one of the best ropers in the industry. 

Throughout his career, Walt’s also taught roping schools for riders of all levels. One of the most important things he observed in his teaching was the need for improved communication between rider and horse. So many of the riders, he noticed, were using the wrong bit. A bit that doesn’t fit properly can causing irritation, pain or even behavioral issues in a horse. That was what led him to create his Roper’s Bit Collection for Metalab. 

Walt’s collection is a series of step-by-step bits that are tailored to fit each horse’s age and temperament, at each level of his training. It’s a simple, logical system designed to help educate ropers on proper bit selection as the horse progresses through each stage. 

Walt believes that if you give your horse what he needs, he’ll give you what you need. Used together, his collection will move a horse and rider team from beginners to polished competitors. 

You can learn more about Walt’s collection here, or shop it here