Two Million Dollar Rider Launches Bit Collection

Reining phenomenon Bernard Fonck knows what it takes to train an elite horse. Between his gold and silver medals, multiple world titles, NRHA Two Million Dollar Rider status, and the breeding and training facility – Fonck Performance Horses – he runs with his wife, he’s as knowledgeable and experienced as you can get. 

It’s that elite knowledge and experience that makes Fonck’s bit collection for Metalab so desirable. 

The Bernard Fonck collection is a progressive series of bits made to take a horse through all levels of training and competition. The bits are designed as steps, from one level to the next, and can be used with any horse at any level.

We’re not saying they’ll make you as good in the saddle as Bernard, but they will give you a level of communication and control on par with an elite rider like him. 

You can learn more about Fonck’s collection here.