Bernard Fonck

reining supreme.

Belgian athlete Bernard Fonck is considered the best Reining athlete in the world, having made history at the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon as the first European Reining rider to win the Individual gold.

Although Reining is not yet an Olympic sport, it is no less demanding than other recognised equestrian disciplines. He is currently building a new facility for his company, Fonck Performance Horses.


Bernard Fonck is a man of few words, but loads of ambition. His achievements include seven European titles and seven NRHA world titles, as well as three silver and two gold medals from the FEI World Equestrian Games.

Alongside his achievements in reining, Bernard and his wife, Ann Poels, are also successful entrepreneurs with a clear vision for the future. “We want to breed and train only the best horses for Reining.”

What many don't know is that Bernard didn't start riding seriously until he was 28, when his wife, Ann, encouraged him to take the leap from hobby rider to pro.

Bernard credits his wife, Ann Poels, as the key to his success. An accomplished competitor in her on right, Ann is the trainer for “Team Fonck.”

“She is very special; she supports me in every way,” says Bernard. “She is the best.”

With Metalab, Bernard and Ann designed a progressive series of bits that take a horse through all levels of training and competition. This bit series brings a new level to reining.

As Bernard relates “I have been using Metalab bits in my barn already, but they’re nothing like this. Each bit is designed as steps from one level to the next, a line that you can use forever, with any horse at each level.”

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