Why Spurs Should be Taken Seriously

Western riding contains many different disciplines with varying techniques and skill sets, and spurs are used in each one of them. It’s amazing that one instrument is able to communicate so many different messages in a variety of settings, but how do they work? And why do so many riders wear them?  Well, much like […]

Summer Show Series: Youth Spurs

Show season is here for all ages, meaning there’s a lot of big decisions ahead. These choices can be overwhelming as a young rider, so here are some essential things to consider when choosing which spurs you want to compete in.  1: Should You Even Wear Spurs?  First things first, do you really need to […]

Summer Show Series: Bit Regulations

Show season is upon us, and we know how important it is to follow the rules of each event. Here are some tips on getting the ideal bit to enter shows without fear of disqualification.  The Mouthpiece Must Be Smooth  This means no coils, ridges, links, carvings, wire wrappings, twists, or spurs are permitted to […]

The Power of the Bit: A Deep Dive Into Tyler Magnus’ Line

Tyler Magnus, a nine-time National Finals Rodeo Qualifier and a former NFR average champion in team roping, contains an immense passion for his field.  “Horses are what it is all about to me. That’s all I have ever done, all I have ever wanted to do.” This dedication and pride are what led him to […]

How to pick the right bit for your horse

How to pick the right bit for your horse Not all snaffles are the same! Here’s how to select the best bit for your horse. Courtesy of EQUUS You know you want a snaffle, but there are so many options! Loose ring or dee? Straight bar or jointed? Smooth or slow twist? This volume of […]

Medications update on the use Cannabinoids (CBD)

Medications update on the use Cannabinoids (CBD) Courtesy of National Reining Horse Association With “Respect the horse. Respect the sport.” being a foundational piece of NRHA’s mission, the National Reining Horse Association tasks itself with monitoring trends in competition, as well as new products presented to owners and riders. From time to time, new products […]