Nellie Miller

nellie miller

World Barrel Racing Champion.

“Training my horses to turn the barrel on their own takes years.”

get the relationship right

Nellie Miller knows the difference seconds makes between a buckle and prize money or going home empty handed. Complicating matters is working with a living, breathing animal and how that equipment supports the connection between the two of you.

For decades she has trained and competed to become a World Barrel Racing Champion and winner of the barrel racing championship at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada, in December 2017. Today, she has joined the Cowboy Tack Pro-Rider team with an exclusive line of bits, suitable for competitors and everyday riders alike.

“Barrel racing is high speed and high stakes, but often that requires us to slow down to build trust and get a relationship right,” says Nellie. 

Nellie’s style of training barrel horses focuses on theories to get the horse to turn the barrel on their own. She worked with Cowboy Tack to develop a new line of bits that would fit correctly, to get an immediate response, and help the horse know what she wants from them. 


2017 Champion
NFR World Barrel Racing

Cheyenne Frontier Days Barrel Racing

RodeoHouston Barrel Racing

4x NFR Qualifier

"It may sound silly, but sometimes you need to slow down and get a relationship right before you can move fast."

“A horse and rider are intimately connected, and the way I ride, I try to get an immediate reaction from my horse to hook those turns tight and right,” says Nellie. “Too many gag bits slide and slip, so they don’t fit correctly and you lose connection. Cowboy Tack’s bits fit the way and building this line with their team gives me what I need and the ability to share it with others.”

Cowboy Tack’s new Nellie Miller line of bits swivel to build connection during turn training and competition. They’re designed to elicit an immediate reaction, right when Nellie asks for it.

“You need keen reflexes and you need to trust your relationship with your horse, trust they’re going to do what you trained them to do,” added Nellie. 

Barrel racing is a high performance sport. High speed and high stakes. Choosing the right bit can make a significant difference in how well you communicate together in a crowded arena.