Lami-Cell Ventex 22 – The Future is Here!

Lami-Cell V22 Patented Coolite Quick-dry Neoprene - The Future is Here!- LAMI-CELL’s revolutionary equine protecting boots collection; Ventex 22 has rapidly

LAMI-CELL’s V22 revolutionary equine protecting boots collection; Ventex 22 has rapidly become a hot topic in many parts of our equine family around the world.

While most manufacturers continuously introduce new protecting boot concepts & styles, the innovative focus seems to be oriented more toward fashion and design and not so much toward function and safety.

As we all know, Neoprene is the leading material of choice for protective equine gear. It is proven to be cost effective, sufficiently resistant and protective against impact.

Nevertheless, it fails to meet the technological standards of today’s manufacturing capabilities. Desperately lacking the ability to stretch, breathe or absorb. And when considered attentively, these proprieties are fundamental in decreasing risks for the most common and frequent skin irritations and injuries to occur.

The Lami-Cell Team has successfully created a collection of protecting boots and cinches, that all riders can depend on, using a newly patented Cool-Lite Neoprene fabric we call; Ventex 22.

This patented technology, (patent number, US10,272,636 B2),  combines two separate functions in one product – Coolite Quick-Dry Neoprene. One function, is the special ventilation system built into the Neoprene. Usually, when you puncture holes into Neoprene, it loses its support and breaks down the integrity of the material but not with the methods we’ve used. In addition to maintaining proper support, while designing the Ventex 22 to be breathable, we gave it the ability to conform evenly to the horse’s leg. The second function we have built into the Ventex 22 is the channel embossing. This embossed channeling system allows the sweat to wick into the material and dissipate, helping elevate heat and moisture buildup.

Despite the well known disadvantages of Polo Wrap usage, equestrians consequently depend on wrapping the legs instead of simply applying conventional neoprene protecting boots.

Why, you ask? When applied and used properly, the polo wrap is unmatched in it’s ability to purposefully protect our equine friends from skin irritations and injuries to tendons and suspensories.

That is, until now.

Similar to polo wraps, Lami-Cell’s V22 boots offer more suspensory support due to evenly distributed and firm pressure from below the ankle, all the way up up to the knee.

The slight elasticity of the Ventex 22 fabric allows any groom or rider, to safely apply the protection and provide polo-wrap-like support, without the risk of pressure points to tendons and ligaments.

Our Research show that folds in the fleece and uneven pressure caused by poorly applied polo wraps, is one of the main cause for painful lesions to tendons and suspensories.

We’ve also determined that by covering the lower limbs with an impermeable fabric such as conventional neoprene, especially during exercise and extensive training, causes trapped heat to rise. This leads to weakening of the supporting muscles and ligaments.

V22 allows heat to dissipate through the poreous fabric and the protected limbs to cool back down with the rest of the body during breaks between periods of exercise.

And last but not least, absorption. The ability to mold firmly around the limbs and absorb sweat helps prevent painful irritations to sensitive areas, which often time, allows bacterias to infect the wound and cause severe damage or inflammation to the leg.

Our goal is to provide the equine community with innovative solutions to help you avoid unnecessary down time caused by injuries, and sometime save large amount of money spent on extensive treatments. We want you to feel confident that your horse is equipped with the most technologically advanced protections available today.

And after thorough testing by many riders and top professionals of all disciplines around the world, we are confident to say; mission accomplished.

Ventex 22, the future is here.

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