Emilie Veillette’s Barrel Racing Collection

Emilie Veillette is a professional barrel racer and horse trainer, and is the first and youngest Canadian to be ranked in the world.

Emilie views winning as an extension of her relationship with her horse – the result of good training and communication. She believes that horse love to learn. That – like most people – they are smart, want to work towards things, and are proud of what they accomplish. Over the years she’s learned that consistency is what’s most important to get a horse to the next level. 

It was Emilie’s focus on consistency and communication in training that led her to create her own collection of bits, spurs, and stirrups in collaboration with Metalab. Metalab’s focus on research and testing by experienced riders and trainers ensures that its equestrian products are consistently high-quality, safe, comfortable – what every horse and rider needs to get to that next level.

You can learn more about Emilie’s Barrel Racing Collection here, or shop it here.