Respect The Past, Lead The Future…

The Cowboy Tack brand represents the lifestyle of the cowboy. Those who rode and worked the ranch took the best of what they had learned from their own experiences and applied it to the development of rugged and functional leather work. Functionality and creative design have always been a hallmark of the brand.
Metalab and Lami-Cell are also long established in the industry. Quality with innovation is our goal. We work continuously with our equestrian family of professional riders, trainers and developers to create the most innovative products that are also well-made, fashionable and safe. Our products are made from the best materials available and they are extensively tested by professionals to ensure their quality and durability.
At Metalab / Lami-Cell, our focus is the horse — all horses and all horse people, from cowboys to Grand Prix riders. We want to be the choice for all those who love and ride a horse.
Metalab and Lami-Cell proudly respect the old-school ways of the cowboy while we broaden the brand’s focus to the more diverse perspective of today. We have incorporated the modern techniques that technology and science provide into the time-honored cowboy design. It is a function with fashion concept.
Metalab and Lami-Cell embraced everything that the Cowboy Tack brand stands for and we have merged it into our family of product development. With respect for the traditions of the past, we intend to lead the future with the innovation of today.



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