John Whitaker Bits

JW bit1
1. Bit Collection Cheek pieces attached to v-point and reins are connected to snaffle ring. Perfect for horses that play with the bit.
JW bit2
2. Cheek pieces attach to narrow part of cartwheel and reins looped through v-point of bit and snaffle ring. Increases pressure for strong horses.
JW bit3
3. Cheek pieces attach to inner loop of cartwheel and reins attach to snaffle ring and v-point. Lifts the bit higher in the mouth for horses that place their tongue over the bit.
JW bit4
4. Cheek pieces attach to widest part of carthweel and reins looped though snaffle ring and v-point. Gives additional movement to the horse whilst maintaining rider control.
JW bit5
5. Cheek pieces attach to v-point on cartwheel and reins attach to snaffle ring and other v-point. Increases pressure and moves the bit higher in the mouth.
JW bit6
6. Reins attached through inner ring. Increases pressure on horses poll and side of mouth to aid turning. Ideal for horses that hollow through their back.
Leather Coated Gag

No. BE014J01-0000

Twisted Single Joint Gag

No. BE014J02-0000

Double Joint Gag

No. BE014J03-0000

Single Joint Gag

No. BE014J04-0000