Get to know me: Walt Woodard

Get to know me: Walt Woodard - World Champion Team Roper

Get to know me: Walt Woodard, World Champion Team Roper, gives you the background of how he has become one of the best in the team roping business. From his early days growing up until now, he discusses along the way his idea “biting” to help understand how the different types of bits work for you to make you a better rider and your horse a better horse.

Walt Woodard and Metalab worked closely, hand in hand to develop a special line of bits and spurs. It is called the Walt Woodard Collection. To find out more about the Walt Woodard Collection by Metalab, CLICK HERE!

To find out more about Walt Woodard himself, check out his facebook page, here.

Metalab: About Us

Metalab offers the most extensive selection of bits, spurs and stirrups for any discipline or training purpose.  Each product is made from the finest materials and is extensively tested by professionals to ensure superior quality and a long-lasting performance.  With over 60 years of experience producing equine products,  When you are buying Metalab, you’re buying the best in quality at the best price available.